uWSGI mules not apscheduler

Sooo… running my MikroAWS app with Supervisord behind uWSGI wasn’t correctly running my apscheduler jobs. … my cache wasn’t updating 🙁 oh noes! … uWSGI has it’s own background worker functionality ‘mules’ Add to mikroaws.ini (mod # to be your # of workers): mules = 1 Rem out references to apscheduler… And use uWSGI mules[…]

CC and CXX on OpenVMS

Took me a while to get the C Compiler installed in OpenVMS 8.4 on my FreeAXP Alpha emulator. It was a rocky start, getting the OS installed, navigating around, getting TCPIP going… My initial attempts to transfer files over ssh resulted in cc073.a and .b files getting corrupted. Finally, I figured out how to FTP[…]