CC and CXX on OpenVMS

Took me a while to get the C Compiler installed in OpenVMS 8.4 on my FreeAXP Alpha emulator.
It was a rocky start, getting the OS installed, navigating around, getting TCPIP going…
My initial attempts to transfer files over ssh resulted in cc073.a and .b files getting corrupted.
Finally, I figured out how to FTP from VMS in Binary mode, unpack and install the C Compiler.

*You can replicate this procedure for CXX Compiler (Just modify for XX)*

Download your stuff:

$ create/directory [000000.sysmgr.colin]
$ set default [000000.sysmgr.colin]
$ COPY/FTP/BINARY/VERBOSE FQDN.OR.IP.FTP”username password”::”unzip.exe” SYS$SYSROOT:[000000.SYSMGR.COLIN]

Unpack it:
$ unzip :== $SYS$SYSROOT:[000000.SYSMGR.COLIN]unzip.exe
$ unzip [000000.SYSMGR.COLIN]
Archive: SYS$SYSROOT:[000000.SYSMGR.COLIN];1
inflating: cc073.a
inflating: cc073.b
inflating: cc073_iguide.txt

Install it (answer prompts which follow after execution):


And test:

$ create hello.c
printf(“hello, world\n”);
(CTRL+Z) – Exit
$ cc hello.c
$ link hello
$ r hello
hello, world

*And test CXX:*

$ create hellox.cpp
int main()
cout << "hello world\n"; return 0; } (CTRL+Z) - Exit $ cxx hellox.cpp $ cxxlink hellox $ r hellox hello, world Celebrate!!

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