Install Mautic

First, get a LEMP stack running, then configure a database. # git clone then, fix webserver file and folder permissons. # cd mautic/ # composer install # chmod 777 app/logs # chmod 777 app/cache # service apache24 start Then browse to your site and hit next: Fill out the database info in step 1,[…]

Mautic Too Many Redirects after Update

I recently updated Mautic, and then got too many redirects and could not log in: This is what got me back running: $ cd /your/mautic/directory $ php app/console cache:clear $ composer install $ php app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate $ php app/console doctrine:schema:update –dump-sql ** check ^^ output and make sure you are ok with it.. that it wont[…]

Fix Webserver File and Folder Permissions

After a recent Mautic update, I resolved an issue where there were too many redirects. Then I ran into an issue – The site is currently offline due to encountering an error… which the error was permissions. … So I checked what apache was running as: Then I fixed my webserver file and folder permissions: CMD#[…]

Symphony Out of Memory Exception

When trying to clear the cache in Mautic, I ran into an out of memory exception, even though the amount was requested was below the limit listed. A quick workaround was to unlimit the memory in php (unsure if this is OK for production): in php.ini, (my line 393): memory_limit = -1

Managing Circusd Jobs

taiga@taiga:~$ circusctl circusctl 0.12.1 circusd-stats: active plugin:flapping: active taiga: stopped taiga-events: stopped (circusctl) start taiga ok (circusctl) restart taiga-events ok (circusctl) stop circusd-stats ok (circusctl) status circusd-stats: stopped plugin:flapping: active taiga: active taiga-events: active (circusctl) ctrl+c You can see process consumption details by running circus-top: taiga@taiga:~$ circus-top