Office365 SMTP Settings

These settings worked to send mail through Office365 from Mautic: SMTP host: SMTP encryption type: TLS SMTP port: 587 SMTP authentication mode: Login Username: Send mail as:   *you need to setup a mailbox or distribution list in Office365 and delegate permissions to use alternate addresses.


Quick run through getting NGINX, PHP and MySQL running on FreeBSD 11.1 colin@openproject:~ % sudo pkg install -y nginx mysql56-server php56 php56-mysql … colin@openproject:~ % sudo sysrc mysql_enable=YES; sudo sysrc nginx_enable=YES; sudo sysrc php_fpm_enable=YES colin@openproject:~ % sudo mv /usr/local/etc/php-fpm.conf ./php-fpm.conf.bak colin@openproject:~ % sed s/’listen =’/’listen = \/var\/run\/php-fpm.sock’/g ./php-fpm.conf.bak | sed s/’;listen.owner = www’/’listen.owner =[…]

Add Sudo User FreeBSD

Add a new wheel user, then allow wheel to run sudo as root: root@colinbsd: # pkg install sudo root@colinbsd: # sed s/’#%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL’/’%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL’/g /usr/local/etc/sudoers > sudoers_new root@colinbsd: # cp /usr/local/etc/sudoers ./sudoers.BAK root@colinbsd: # mv ./sudoers_new /usr/local/etc/sudoers   Or you can visudo and add a user under root… Or read (todo) and do it right

Headless VirtualBox

Sometimes I need to run a headless VirtualBox VM. Here’s a couple scripts to build one up and get one running with VNC access: root@colinbsd:/prodVMs # cat makeOpenProj VBoxManage createvm –name openproject –ostype FreeBSD_64 –register VBoxManage modifyvm openproject –memory 2048 –ioapic on –cpus 4 –chipset PIIX3 –nic1 bridged –nictype1 82540EM –bridgeadapter1 bge0 VBoxManage createhd –filename[…]

WordPress Rewrite URL

Been ripping my hair out trying to keep my blogpost links alive after porting to WP from flask… needed to transform my URLs to lower and swap underscores.. After a few overnights scrambling together code with no luck (I am behind nginx, and could prolly do it there).. but VX in #wordpress on freenode helped[…]